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What‘s Honeycomb Structure Ceramic Coil?

Time:2021-01-29 Views:2011

As many customers know, coil is the core for a cartridge, mattering a lot for good taste and vaping experience.

Most manuacturers adopt 
glass fiber or added cotton ceramic coil. Recent years glass fiber has out of market as it will cause burning tastes. Most carts in present markets are ceramic coil with added cotton.

So, what‘s Honeycomb structure ceramic coil?

As its name, the coil is like a honeycomb, NO COTTON. 

When the cartridge filled, the oil surrounds and permeates directly into the ceramic heating coil.

Its unique structure can fit for different thickness oil.

Every drop is easily absorded 
fully atomize and never burn, turned into smooth and tasty flavor.

Many customers have begun to sell this kinds of cartridge since 2019 and almost 100% amazing feeback, we are confident that it will be a new leading for cartridge.

Are you ready to get a brand new experience for vaping?