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Finally realized- DUAL AIRFLOW TECH

Time:2022-12-06 Views:752

Looking back at the past 2022, we found that disposable devices for cbd have achieved good results in every market. However, there is also a lot of market feedback that is worth continuing to optimize.

We often hear from many customers that the disposable devices they use has problems of clogging and burning after a period of use. Obviously, this has affected health. After repeated communication with experienced engineers, we started a new journey - dual airflow tech.

Normally, all disposables have a single-airway, when our engineers add extra airway, clog/bunrt problem solved. For example, when consumers use the device for a long time or intermittently, the primary airway will be clogged by thick oil/distillate. At this point, the Dual Airflow Tech allows consumer to keep pulling, then the extra airway works, thereby evaporating the oil clogged in the primary airway.

If you face same problem, WELCOME to do a memorable test drive!
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